"Our mission is to be a leading regional manufacturer of electrical switchgears by providing products with the highest level of technical excellence and reliability, coupled with responsive, flexible and cost-competitive service to continually ensure total customer satisfaction."



We value creativity and constantly challenge ourselves to achieve breakthrough results. However, we practice sensible innovation; we do not chase the cutting edge as an end itself. We seek to make the complex simple in our customers' lives by virtue of our efforts. We evaluate our results in this context: all innovations, in order to have value, it must make our customers' and end users' lives easier.


Together, we create and sustain an environment that brings out the best in all of us by stimulating learning and development, facilitating connection with open communication channels, and building trust and teamwork. We treat each other with fairness and respect. We have fun, even while taking our work and one another very seriously. Together, we are a tremendous source of competitive advantage.


We are all accountable for our actions and results, and we keep our commitments: to qualify, to meeting customer expectations and to one another. We uphold legal and ethical standards, but beyond that, we take pride in the way in which we conduct business


Our belief in the importance of customer satisfaction drives us to put their needs at the center of all that we do: developing products, constantly improving our processes of delivering, and providing outstanding quality service. Every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate this commitment.