Singapore Green Products Certification: Sunlight Group



Sunlight is proud to be one of the 11 pilot batch of companies to be certified under Singapore Green Building Products (SGBP) scheme on 23rd March 2011.

Sunlight is the first such local switchboard companies to be awarded this certification for full range of low voltage products i.e. Main Switchboards, Motor Control Centers, Pan Assembly and Distribution Boards, and Consumer Units and Meterboards.

The SGBP scheme is the first dedicated green building products scheme to support the building industry and BCA Green mark Scheme. It is a Scheme with criteria formulated by more than 100 building professionals, assesses the level of environmental friendliness of building products in areas of safety, health, performance efficiency and environmental protection. The Certification adopts and makes reference to international standards and well established global ecolabelling and certification schemes.

Through this certification, Sunlight has developed and innovated products and processes by adopting greener components and process that will potentially achieve better efficiency and lower environmental impact to provide better indoor environmental quality for a healthy, productive workplace in buildings to reduce carbon footprint in Singapore society.

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